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Band Members:
Steve Jones (vocals, guitar)
John Taylor (vocals, bass)
Duff McKagan (vocals, guitar)
Matt Sorum (drums)

Prawn together through a shared love of loud, aggressive guitar music Neurotic Outsiders are a formidable proposition. As members of respectively, The Sex Pistols, Duran Duran and Guns N' Roses, they have changed the face of music. Assembled in one group they are a force to be reckoned with.

Released on August 26th, their self-titled debut album for Maverick in collaboration with Warner Music International, collects 11 tracks of attitude-filled, blistering rock. Highlights include the in-your-face assault of the first single "Jerk", the vitriolic "Angelina", the passionate "Better Way"', and a scorching version of The Clash's "Janie Jones". 'Neurotic outsiders' captures the live impact that has already generated huge acclaim in their Los Angeles base.

The band first came together late last year, when Matt Sorum, drummer with Guns N' Roses received a call from Sal Jenco, co-owner of the infamous Viper Room. Matt then invited Sex Pistols' guitarist Steve Jones and Duran Duran bassist John Taylor to perform. in a benefit jam to raise money for cancer treatments for one of Jenco's friends. GN'R cohort Duff McKagan was invited to play guitar to round out the four-piece. Neurotic Outsiders went on to give a sensational performance at the benefit gig.

"The chemistry was awesome," says McKagan, "there was no pressure, no big money involved, just four people having a good time."

The band created such a buzz, they were invited to perform a regular Monday night slot at the club. Initially their sets would comprise covers that reflected their combined influences: Iggy &. The Stooges, the Damned's "New Rose", Roxy Music, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, and, of course, The Sex Pistols.

"We would rehearse at the sound check," continues McKagan, "working through different covers we knew. Steve had recorded a solo album at the time and so we started to incorporate his songs in the set. John was working on solo material which we also used."

"It was like we'd been playing for years," says Taylor, "It just seemed like a great opportunity to do something different, to flex our musical muscles while things with our main bands were fairly quiet. Eventually the whole vibe of the thing grew and grew. Monday nights at the Viper Room seemed to become the place to be - a really happening thing."

The band began to attract major attention from public and fellow musicians alike - Simon Le Bon, Billy Idol, Iggy Pop, Izzy Stradlin, Brian Setzer and Ian Astbury all made guest appearances with the Neurotic Outsiders during their Viper Room residency. It was only a matter of time before record companies became interested and the group signed to Maverick.

Following a short tour of the U.S West Coast, former Modern Lover and Talking Head, Jerry Harrison became interested in the band and offered to produce the album.

"We saw a lot of producers," says Sorum, "but we wanted someone who was really one of us. Jerry is a great musician. He really took an interest in what we were doing." Harrison also provided piano and organ input on the album.

Recorded over 2 months, the album contains ten Neurotic Oustiders originals with vocals split between between Jones, Taylor and McKagan. The album also contains a fierce version of The Clash's "Janie Jones" featuring lead vocals from Taylor.

Although all four members are still involved with their separate bands they promise that Neurotic Outsiders is a continuing project.

-June '96 - Maverick Records


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