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Author Topic: Jeff Rouse (Duff McKagan's Loaded) Interview  (Read 1690 times)
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« on: September 11, 2011, 02:42:04 PM »

Jeff Rouse (Duff McKagan's Loaded) Interview

Monday, 15 August 2011 22:28 | Written by Mieke |   

First of all.. Congratulations with the new Album!
Thank you so much...

In a meantime this is the third Studio Album. What makes this record more different then the other two?
Well, this was the first record Loaded has made directly coming off of tour. So i think that it is much more aggressive and the addition of our new drummer Isaac really brought the band to a higher level.

Who wrote most of the lyrics? Or did you all wrote together?
Loaded is a group of 4 people who all write, so everyone contributed lyrics and melodies. But we all brought in our own ideas as well..."She's AN Anchor" was one that i brought inpretty much complete, "Easier Lying" was one Mike Squires brought in, "Lords of Abaddon" was one that Duff and Isaac brought in done and it just fucking rocked. Every person in this band brought something to the table. the way records should be done!

What's your most favourite song to play on stage and why?
"Executioners Song" turned into to my favorite this last tour..we usually opened with it and it just set the tone for the rest of the set...Just a brutal and fun high energy song to come out and slap people in the face with.

How is it to be a Bass Player in a band with a singer that is known for being a Bass player in two big bands, such as Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver ?
I never have felt the pressure of that? Duff has been so supportive of what i bring to the band bass wise. If he didn't believe in what i do, i wouldnt be here. But i do have to say, its fucking awesome because Duff is such an amazing player, i obviously was a fan of his from day one. So during the set, when we trade off and he plays bass and i play guitar, i occasionally catch myself looking over and just going "Fuckin hell, he is amazing!"

You just got back from an European Tour to promote the new album. This time your band performed two times in Belgium; In the AB in Brussels and on Graspop. I went to the one in Brussels with Down. How was it to go on tour with those guys?
Phil and the rest of the Down guys are just fantastic. its great to go out and play with such a great band. But to also make friends makes it even better. So much so, we are now doing some more dates with them in South America in November.

I noticed that you got some fresh ink that night. What did you get?
That night in Brussels i got an amazing, sort of "dark, twisted" depiction of jesus on my left forearm

Do you often get yourself tattooed on the road?
Yeah, all the time. This was the 3rd tattoo ive gotten in Belgium. I try to get them whenever i have time out on the road. Sort of a road map of my life and my travels. There are so many great artist in Europe...i'm afraid at some point i'm gonna run out of room if i keep touring.

Which show of the whole tour did you enjoy playing the most?
GRASPOP! No joke! It was the last night of our tour..and we headlined and it just all clicked. The crowd was with us from the first note to the last. We had all our friends there (And some that aren't, haha) It just was an amazing way to end the tour. I'll never forget it!

I can imagine that a lot of crazy things happen when your on tour, what's the most wildest thing that happend so far? You can tell us all about it !!Hmmmm? On this last tour we have been talking about, we had a full television crew out on the road with us filming a reality show about our crew. So everyday brought the weirdest things. When people know there is a camera around, craziness happens. Bungee jumping, race car driving, drunken rants, nudity, vomit, fights, cross dressing. etc And this was all from the same guy! hahaha

Are there upcoming shows you look forward to play?
Yeah, we are playing a theater in South America in november called "El Tiatro" in Buenos Aires...we played there a couple years ago....It is so amazing and the people there are nuts!

Time for our question machine gun..
Guitar or Bass ?
Performing in Europe or America ?
Playing on Festivals or a small gig ?
Depends on the crowd!
Life on the Road or Family life ?
The road....for sure!
Getting drunk or getting tattooed ?
Your favourite musical era ?
Shit? I love so much music...can't really say. But if i had to.....MINE!

Thank you so much! Looking forward to the next show!
Thanks so much. I cant wait to get back!

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